Arvind Kejriwal’s Challenge to High Courts Stay on Bail

Arvind Kejriwal


Author: Hriday Verma

Published: June 24, 2024

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal finds himself entangled in a legal battle that has captured the nation’s attention. The Delhi High Court recently stayed the trial court’s order granting him bail in the liquor policy case. Kejriwal, a prominent leader of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), has now approached the Supreme Court to challenge this interim order.

As He Was Arrested on March 21st

Kejriwal’s arrest on March 21 stemmed from allegations related to the money laundering case linked to the now-defunct Delhi excise policy of 2021-22. The Enforcement Directorate (ED) contends that Kejriwal conspired to create loopholes in the policy, benefiting specific liquor sellers. According to the ED, kickbacks received from this arrangement were allegedly used to fund AAP’s election campaign in Goa.

Immediate Stay Order after bail was granted

On June 20, Judge Niyay Bindu of the Rouse Avenue courts granted Kejriwal regular bail. However, the Delhi High Court swiftly intervened, staying the trial court’s decision the very next day. The ED had challenged the bail order, leading to the High Court’s reservation of orders on the appeal. In the meantime, the trial court’s bail order remained stayed.

Kejriwal’s legal team has countered the ED’s allegations, asserting that there is insufficient evidence to support the charges. They argue that the ED is running an extortion racket rather than pursuing justice. Kejriwal’s brief release from jail in May allowed him to campaign during the Lok Sabha elections, but he returned to jail on June 2.

Now, the Supreme Court is hearing Kejriwal’s appeal against the Delhi High Court’s interim stay on his bail

A bench comprising Justices Manoj Misra and SVN Bhatti is presiding over the matter. If the apex court grants him bail, it will need to balance his legal rights with his responsibilities as Delhi’s Chief Minister.

All eyes are on the Supreme Court. Will Kejriwal’s bail be reinstated, or will he remain in custody? The outcome will have far-reaching implications for both the politician and the legal system. Stay tuned for live updates as the court deliberates on this high-profile case.

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