Delhi Airport Terminal 1 Roof Collapse Injuries Reported Amid Heavy Rainfall

Delhi Airport Terminal 1 Roof Collapse


Author: Hriday Verma

Published: June 28, 2024

At about 5:00 am on Friday, heavy rain hit parts of the national capital. It caused a portion of the roof at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA) Terminal 1 to collapse. The incident caused injuries and much damage. It hurt vehicles parked in the pick-up and drop area of the terminal.

One person lost their life, and six others sustained injuries.

The roof collapse took place at 5:30 am local time (1 am BST) on Friday.


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The roof sheet and support beams collapsed. They caused big damage to cars parked in the pick-up and drop area of Terminal 1.

Six people were injured, with one person rescued from a car after an iron beam fell on it.

The Delhi Fire Services (DFS) promptly dispatched three fire-tenders to the airport. Emergency personnel worked diligently to provide assistance and medical aid to those affected.

As a safety measure, all departures from “Terminal 1 were temporarily halted”, and “check-in counters were closed”. However, flight arrivals remained unaffected.

Damage Details

  • The collapse affected not only the roof sheet but also the support beams.

  • Cars, including taxis, were severely damaged due to falling debris.

  • Rescue teams are conducting a search operation to ensure no one else is trapped in the affected vehicles.

Terminal 1 primarily handles domestic flight operations at the Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Civil Aviation Minister K. Rammohan Naidu took charge, guiding airlines to help passengers. 

On March 10, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated 15 airport projects, including the expanded Terminal 1 at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi. The projects, worth over Rs 9,800 crore, aim to enhance India’s aviation infrastructure. However, some Opposition leaders criticized the inauguration, alleging that the terminal was incomplete and rushed for election campaigning.





Flight operations are expected to resume once the situation is under control. The injured individuals were evacuated to hospitals, and rescue operations continued. The roof collapse incident shows the need for safety in bad weather. Authorities are investigating the cause and assessing the damage. As travelers, we must remain vigilant and prioritize safety when using airport facilities.

Remember, this info is based on reports. Updates may give more insights.

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