Delhi Hospital Where 7 Babies Died In Huge Fire Is Not New To Controversy

Delhi Hospital


Author: Hriday Verma

Published: May 27, 2024

The Delhi children’s hospital recently made headlines after a tragic incident in which seven newborn babies lost their lives in a massive fire. However, this hospital has a history of controversy and lapses that have come to light once again.

In 2021, the Baby Care New Born Hospital in East Delhi’s Vivek Vihar faced allegations of assaulting a newborn. A security camera footage went viral, showing a nurse beating a baby, resulting in a fractured hand. The hospital was also accused of operating without proper registration. Despite these serious allegations, the hospital continued to function.

Fast forward to 2024, and the hospital is once again in the spotlight. The recent fire tragedy revealed several critical lapses:

  1. Lack of Fire Safety Measures: The facility did not have any fire extinguishers or emergency exits. When the fire broke out, there was no effective way to contain it or evacuate the newborns safely.
  2. Unqualified Staff: The doctor on duty during the accident was not qualified to treat newborns in need of neonatal intensive care. This lack of expertise likely contributed to the severity of the situation.
  3. Expired License: The hospital’s license had already expired on March 31, nearly two months before the fire incident. Despite this, it continued to operate, putting the lives of vulnerable infants at risk.
  4. Excess Oxygen Cylinders: The hospital had more oxygen cylinders than authorized, which exacerbated the fire. As the cylinders exploded, the blaze spread rapidly, causing extensive damage.

The hospital’s owner, Dr. Naveen Khichi, who had been on the run since the fire broke out, was finally arrested. Dr. Naveen runs several other hospitals for babies in the national capital, and authorities are questioning him about the lapses at Baby Care New Born Hospital.

Eyewitnesses reported that local residents and members of a non-profit organization were the first to rush to help during the fire. They scaled the compound wall and climbed from the rear side of the building to rescue the newborns. Fire department officials and the police later joined the rescue efforts.

In conclusion, this tragic incident highlights the urgent need for stricter regulations, regular inspections, and accountability in healthcare facilities. The lives of innocent newborns should never be compromised due to negligence or lapses in safety protocols.

As of now, the authorities have taken several actions in response to the tragic incident at the Baby Care New Born Hospital in Delhi:

  1. Arrest of Dr. Naveen Khichi: The hospital’s owner, Dr. Naveen Khichi, who had been evading arrest, was finally apprehended. He is now in custody and is likely to face charges related to negligence and endangering lives.
  2. Investigation: Authorities are conducting a thorough investigation into the fire incident. They are examining the hospital’s safety protocols, licenses, and compliance with regulations. The lapses that led to the loss of seven innocent lives are being closely scrutinized.
  3. Safety Audits: Hospitals across Delhi are undergoing safety audits. The focus is on fire safety measures, staff qualifications, and adherence to licensing requirements. Hospitals found lacking in any aspect will face strict penalties.
  4. Public Outcry and Accountability: The incident has sparked public outrage, and there are demands for accountability. People are questioning how a hospital with expired licenses and inadequate safety measures continued to operate. Authorities are under pressure to ensure justice for the victims and prevent such tragedies in the future.
  5. Emergency Response Training: Authorities are emphasizing the need for emergency response training in healthcare facilities. Proper evacuation procedures, fire drills, and staff preparedness are critical to preventing loss of life during emergencies.
  6. Legal Action: Legal proceedings against the hospital management and staff involved are underway. Depending on the investigation findings, more individuals may be held accountable.

It is essential that the authorities continue to address these issues promptly and transparently. The loss of innocent lives highlights the urgency of improving safety standards in hospitals across the country. Hopefully, this tragedy will serve as a wake-up call for better regulation and oversight in the healthcare sector.

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