How to Get FASTag Immediately – Quick Steps to Hassle-Free Toll Payments



Author: Hriday Verma

Published: July 3, 2024

Have you ever sat in a long line at a toll plaza, looking for cash? If yes, then you can say goodbye to that hassle. FASTag is here to save the day. But how to get FASTag immediately? It’s easier than you think. This blog post will walk you through the simple steps to grab your FASTag and zoom through toll booths without a second thought. Let’s hit the road!

What is FASTag?

FASTag is like a magic sticker for your vehicle. Stick it on your windshield, and it works wonders when you hit the road. FASTag is a small electronic tag that uses radio waves. It’s linked to your bank account or a prepaid wallet.

When you approach a toll plaza, sensors read your FASTag. Money gets deducted automatically—no cash, no fuss!

FASTag made its debut in India around 2014. Since then, it’s been saving us from long queues and spare change hunts.

Why Must You Have a FASTag?

Smooth Toll Payments

With FASTag, you skip those long toll plaza lines. Imagine breezing through without waiting! Your FASTag links to your bank account or a prepaid wallet. When you drive through, the toll amount gets deducted automatically.

Convenience and Time-Saving

No more digging for change or fumbling with notes. FASTag makes toll payments seamless. FASTag saves you precious time during your road trips.

Nationwide Acceptance

FASTag works across all national highways. So whether you’re cruising through Maharashtra or exploring Kerala, it’s got you covered.

How to Get FASTag Immediately

Below are the steps to get a FASTag. Here is how to get FASTag immediately:

Visit an Authorised Issuer

  • Find a Point of Sale (POS): Look for authorised banks, toll plazas, or online platforms that offer FASTags.
  • Carry Your Documents: Bring your vehicle’s registration certificate (RC) and a valid ID proof (like Aadhaar card or passport).

Provide Necessary Details

  • Fill the Form: You have to fill out a form that the issuer will give you. Fill in your vehicle details, contact info, and bank account details.
  • Submit Documents: Hand over your RC and ID proof. They’ll verify everything.

Get Your FASTag

  • Pay the Fee: There’s a small fee (usually around ₹100). Pay it.
  • Receive Your Tag: They’ll give you the FASTag sticker. Stick it on your windshield (right behind the rearview mirror).

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Activate and Load Money

  • Activate Online: Visit the issuer’s website or app. Activate your FASTag using the unique code provided.
  • Load Money: Link your FASTag to your bank account or wallet. Load some money—it’s like adding fuel to your tag.

And voilà! You’re all set.

Can You Share a FASTag?

  • Nope, FASTag is like a personalised superhero cape for your vehicle.
  • Each car needs its own FASTag—no tag-sharing allowed.
  • So, one FASTag, one ride. No carpooling in the FASTag world!

How to Check FASTag Balance?

Online via Issuer’s Website

  • Visit the Official Website: Go to the website of your FASTag provider.
  • Log In: Use your registered credentials to log in.
  • Find Your Balance: Look for the section labelled ‘FASTag Balance’ or ‘Account Summary.’ There, you’ll see your current balance.

Park+ App (Mobile Option)

  • Download the App: Get the Park+ app on your phone.
  • Register Your Vehicle: Sign up and link your vehicle and FASTag account.
  • Check Balance: Log in to the app, head to the “FASTag” section, and click “View Balance.” Voilà! Your balance is right there.

Bank Account Portal

  • Visit Your Bank’s Website: Go to your bank’s site.
  • Log In to FASTag Portal: Find the linked FASTag portal and log in.
  • View Balance: Click on ‘View Balance’ to see your FASTag wallet balance.

How to Recharge FASTag?

Here are some easy ways to top up your FASTag wallet:


  • No Login Required: Visit FASTagPro and recharge any FASTag instantly in just 2 minutes.
  • Choose Your Provider: Select your FASTag provider, enter the amount, choose your payment mode, and get instant recharge confirmation.


Few Clicks, Few Minutes: Visit EaseMyDeal.

  • Follow These Steps:
  • Select “FASTag Service.”
  • Choose your bank.
  • Enter your vehicle number.
  • Specify the recharge amount.
  • Click “Proceed” to recharge.


NETC FASTag Website

  • Visit the NETC FASTag Website.
  • Enter your vehicle registration number (VRN), mobile number, and recharge amount.
  • Complete the payment process.

PayZapp: Use PayZapp for a hassle-free recharge.


Anytime, Anywhere: Recharge your FASTag issued by different banks on Paytm.

Payment Options: You can use debit cards, credit cards, net banking, Paytm wallet, or UPI to recharge the FASTag. This way you will avoid toll fines and hassles.

Bottom Line

We hope that after reading this, you must have understood how to get a FASTag immediately. By following easy steps like visiting an authorised issuer and activating your tag online, you can quickly get your FASTag and enjoy hassle-free toll payments. Remember, FASTag makes travelling smoother and faster, so grab yours today!

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