Kayani Bakery, A Brand of Delectable Goodness

Kayani Bakery


Author: Hriday Verma

Published: July 8, 2024

Ever craved the best cuisines, especially desserts in India, but don’t know which one to patronise? Do you want to change your taste buds and try something new? Or are you simply someone with a sweet tooth who wants to satisfy your taste buds? Look no further, the Kayani Bakery, located in the heart of Pune and other regions in India, is your answer. You can find different baked goods at the various shops.

About Kayani Bakery

Situated in several cities in India, the Kayani Bakery sells many desserts like cakes, breads, biscuits, pastries, and so on. Each of these products are also categorized according to cooking methods and recipes. For instance, the biscuit has a vegan and non-vegan category. The brand has also infused the Iranian baking style to make their products unique to customers. This also helps to keep them ahead of their competitors. Another special thing about this brand is its to-go packaging option. This makes it an ideal gift for loved ones, including during anniversaries.


Established in 1955 by the three Kayani brothers, the Kayani Bakery was initially opened in Pune before branching into different cities. The brothers, who are Iranian, migrated to India for greener pastures. They previously settled in Mumbai but later moved to Pune, Maharashtra. 

Pune is known for its lovely desserts and traditional baking methods. Hence, it wasn’t odd for the brothers to put down their business roots in the city of sweet goodies. Later on, the children and grandchildren of the three brothers inherited the business and now operate it.

Branches of Kayani Bakery

Kayani Bakery

Apart from the Pune location, you can find Kayani Bakery in other cities, like Mumbai. It is a family owned and run business that has been passed down to the descendants of the three founders. The owners attribute their employees’ hardwork and dedication, together with their customers’ loyalty and trust in their brand. They hope their customers will continue to patronise their brand and they in return promise to always deliver.

Cooking Methods and Recipes

The bakery shop believes in authenticity and strives to maintain that for decades. To this day, they use traditional recipes and baking tips. However, this doesn’t mean that the brand doesn’t evolve with time. Recently, they have eggless recipes in their biscuit options.

Now, vegetarians can enjoy vegan Kayani biscuits any time they want. They also modified some of their products to make it easy for customers to take around. To put it simply, the current Kayani Bakery is now a blend of the old and the new with a perfect balance in between. Furthermore, it has also integrated Indian and Iranian recipes perfectly.

Mode of Purchase

To buy the goodness that comes from Kayani Bakery, you can walk into their physical shop. Inside these shops, locate any pastry and confectionery of your choice and order as much as you want. The brand doesn’t offer online delivery services except for its branch in Pune. Moreover, the only online food delivery service that Kayani partnered with is Zomato. They only deliver Kayani delicacies to customers in Pune.

Price of Goods

Price of Goods

The price of all the goods at Kayani varies, but they are affordable. The price depends on what type of goods you choose and the amount. For example, the cost of buying 10 muffins is different from the price of purchasing 20 muffins. You can’t also compare the price of exquisitely made cakes to normal biscuits. Even the online delivery service has an average affordable price for each order. Compared to other bakeries, Kayani’s prices are relatively cheap and this attracts customers every day.


The Kayani bakery has always prioritized quality and its customers’ needs. Therefore, its products are always of good quality and satisfy the customers’ taste buds. As a result, the bakery has been recognized by some food guides like Taste Atlas and so on. Just recently, Taste Atlas listed the brand among its top six dessert shops worldwide. Taste Atlas was set up to research restaurants, food, drinks, and flavors around the world.

The Bakery’s Reaction To The List

Making it to the Taste Atlas’ recognition list was an honor the Kayani Bakery didn’t take for granted. According to one of its founders, they felt happy and surprised to see their brand’s name on the Taste Atlas list.

They were surprised to be on the list because the business isn’t a large scale conglomerate like others. At the same time, they were excited to be there despite this. Their workers, family, and business partners also expressed their joy at the news, most especially when they received congratulations from overseas and India.


Lastly, the Kayani Bakery is a thriving family business that has stood on honor, quality, dedication, and hard work. The staff there are courteous to customers and promptly attend to them. So, if you ever want a taste of Kayani, visit their Pune shop. However, you have to go early because the shop always has a long queue due to its popularity. Once you buy one confectionery, you will definitely go back for more.

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