LinkIntime IPO – Navigating the World of Share Registry and Allotment

LinkIntime IPO


Author: Hriday Verma

Published: July 1, 2024

Ever wondered how companies manage their shares when they go public? Well, that’s where Link Intime comes in! They’re like the backstage crew during a big show – handling share allotments, transfers, and keeping everything in order. So, let’s peel back the curtain and explore the world of Link Intime’s IPO services!

What is Link Intime?

Link Intime acts as the backstage crew for companies going public. They are one of the leading registrars and share transfer agents in India. They handle all the paperwork and logistics related to shares – from allotment to transfers.  Established with the objective of offering comprehensive and integrated solutions for the capital market, Link Intime provides services that include IPO management, share transfer, investor services, and corporate registry services.

Role of LinkIntime in IPOs

LinkIntime acts as an intermediary between the issuing company and the investors during an IPO. The company’s responsibilities include:

Application Processing

Link Intime processes all applications received for an IPO. In this step, they check the information given by applicants, make sure it follows the rules, and handle entering the data.

Allotment of Shares

Once the subscription period ends, Link Intime is responsible for overseeing the allotment of shares to applicants.  This process includes determining the basis of allotment, which is crucial when the IPO is oversubscribed.

Refund Processing

For applicants who do not receive shares or receive a lesser number than applied for, Link Intime manages the refund process. This ensures that the funds are returned to the investors promptly.

Compliance and Reporting

Link Intime ensures that all regulatory requirements are met and provides necessary reports to the stock exchanges and the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI).

Global Network

Linkintime is part of the MUFG Corporate Markets, a division of MUFG Pension & Market Services. This affiliation enhances Linkintime’s global reach and enables it to offer a wider range of services. The company’s global network ensures that it can provide comprehensive solutions to its clients, regardless of their location.

How to Check IPO Allotment Status on Link Intime

Checking the IPO allotment status is a straightforward process facilitated by Link Intime. Investors can follow these steps:

  • Visit the LinkIntime Website: Go to the official LinkIntime website.
  • Navigate to the Linkintime IPO Allotment Page: On the homepage, find the section for ‘IPO Allotment Status‘. This can usually be found under the ‘Investors Services’ tab.
  • Select the IPO: Choose the relevant IPO from the dropdown menu. To check the status of the ixigo IPO, choose ‘Le Travenues Technology Ltd’ (the company that owns ixigo).
  • Enter Required Details: Provide the necessary details, which typically include:
  1. PAN (Permanent Account Number)
  2. Application Number
  3. DP/Client ID or Beneficiary ID
  • Submit and View Status: After entering the details, click on the ‘Submit’ button. The system will display the allotment status, indicating whether shares have been allotted and, if so, the number of shares.

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Linkintime IPO Services

Excellence in IPO Management

Linkintime IPO services are renowned for their quality and efficiency. The company’s approach to IPO management is characterized by meticulous planning and execution.  From application processing to share allotment and refund management, Linkintime ensures a seamless experience for all stakeholders.

Recent IPOs and Link Intime’s Role

ixigo IPO

The ixigo IPO, operated by Le Travenues Technology Ltd, is a recent example where Link Intime played a vital role.  Link Intime managed the application processing, allotment, and refund processes, ensuring a seamless experience for investors.

Go Digit IPO

Another notable example is the Go Digit IPO. Investors could check their allotment status via Link Intime’s platform by selecting ‘Go Digit General Insurance Limited’ and entering the required details.  The efficient handling of the IPO by Link Intime contributed to the successful conclusion of the offering.

The Linkintime IPO Allotment Process Explained

The Linkintime IPO allotment process involves several steps:

Receipt of Applications: During the IPO subscription period, Link Intime receives applications from investors. These can be from retail investors, institutional investors, or high-net-worth individuals (HNIs).

Data Verification and Validation: Link Intime verifies the data provided by the applicants to ensure accuracy and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Basis of Allotment: In cases of oversubscription, the basis of allotment is determined. This process ensures a fair distribution of shares.  For retail investors, a lottery system is often used, whereas institutional investors may receive proportional allotments.

Allotment Finalization: The final list of allotments is prepared, indicating which applicants have received shares and in what quantity.

Communication and Refunds: Successful applicants are informed about their allotments, and shares are credited to their demat accounts. Refunds are processed for unsuccessful applicants or those who receive fewer shares than applied for.

Why IPO Allotment Matters to Investors

The allotment of shares in an IPO is a significant event for investors. Successful allotment can result in potential gains, especially if the shares list at a premium on the stock exchanges. Conversely, not receiving an allotment means missing out on the opportunity. Hence, understanding the allotment process and checking the status promptly is crucial for investors.

Commitment to Quality and Integrity

Linkintime’s success comes from always prioritizing quality and integrity. The company’s dedication to maintaining high standards in its operations ensures that it continuously delivers exceptional service to its clients.  This commitment is reflected in every aspect of Linkintime’s work, from IPO management to corporate registry services.


Linkintime IPO services ensure a smooth process for companies going public, handling everything from share allotments to investor refunds. They make the complex IPO process easy for both companies and investors. With Link Intime, you can confidently navigate the world of IPOs and share registry services.

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