Haitian PM Ariel Henry Resignation – Political Landscape

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Author: Azura Everhart

Published: March 14, 2024

In a surprising twist, the Prime Minister of Haiti, Ariel Henry, has stepped down from his job, making a big change in the politics of the Caribbean country. Ariel Henry, who is 74 years old and also a neurosurgeon, took on the role of Prime Minister without being elected after the president of Haiti was assassinated in 2021. This resignation is a major event that affects how the government works in Haiti.

Resignation and Transitional Council

Caribbean Community (CARICOM) chair and Guyanese President Irfaan Ali recently announced that Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry has resigned from his position. This news coincides with the creation of a special group called the Transitional Presidential Council. This council’s job is to help Haiti transition to a new government. It will have nine members in total, including two observers and seven voting members. These members will come from different groups like coalitions, businesses, community organizations, and even a religious leader.

Ariel Henry – Catalysts and Regional Response

A lot of things happened that led to Henry deciding to quit his job. One big deal was when he went to Kenya to try and be in charge of a United Nations security mission. But while he was away, things got really bad back in the capital city, Port-au-Prince. There was a lot of fighting and violence, and it got so dangerous that Henry couldn’t come back and got stuck in Puerto Rico, which is a part of the United States.

Leaders from nearby countries gathered in Jamaica to talk about how Haiti should move from one government to another. This was because the United States urgently asked them to discuss and decide on a plan. There were groups of people with weapons, called armed gangs, who wanted to remove Henry from his position as the leader. This was dangerous, so everyone felt the need to make the process of changing the government happen quickly.

Challenges and Urgent Actions

Antony Blinken, who is like the boss of U.S. foreign affairs, said we need to do something quickly in Haiti about both politics and safety. He talked about making a group called a “presidential college” that includes a lot of different people. This group’s job would be to help the Haitian people right away, send out a team to keep things safe, and set up good conditions for free elections. So, he’s basically saying we need to act fast and make sure Haiti gets the help it needs for its government and people to be safe and have fair elections.

International Involvement and Financial Support

Ariel Henry, the leader of Haiti, asked for help from other countries to fight against dangerous gangs in his country. The United States promised to give an extra $100 million to support this effort, and an additional $33 million for things like food and other urgent needs. The way countries around the world react to this situation is really important because it plays a big role in making things better for the people in Haiti. Right now, there are serious problems like many people having to leave their homes, not having enough food, and a lot of violence happening. The international community needs to step in to help ease these difficult conditions in Haiti.

Unrest and the Role of Armed Groups

In Haiti, there’s been a lot of fighting between different groups of armed gangs, making things even harder for everyone. One of the gang leaders, Jimmy “Barbeque” Cherizier, has said they’re going to start a really violent protest, called a “bloody revolution,” because they think the way things are run in the country isn’t fair. Cherizier wants the next leader of Haiti to be chosen by the people who live there, which makes the situation even more complicated.

International Concerns and the Way Forward

In all the chaos, people are worried about whether help from other countries will make things better, especially when we look back at how things went with past United Nations missions in Haiti. There’s also a big concern about armed groups taking over ports and airports, which makes it hard to get help to the people who need it most. This also makes everyone worried about how safe things are overall. Countries like the United States and nearby CARICOM members have a big part to play in trying to make things better and more stable.


The stepping down of Prime Minister Ariel Henry is a really big deal for Haiti’s politics. Now, they’re setting up a temporary group called a transitional council, and it’s super important that other countries help out too. Haiti has some urgent problems that need fixing. Figuring out what to do next has to carefully consider keeping the government stable, making sure things are safe, and looking out for the Haitian people’s well-being. Everyone around the world is paying attention to what happens next in Haiti, hoping it leads to good changes for the country.

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