Legal Trouble For Sony Entertainment Television’s ‘Shark Tank India’ For Trademark Violations

Shark Tank India


Author: Hriday Verma

Published: June 25, 2024

Launched in 2021 and now in its third season, “Shark Tank India” has found itself embroiled in controversies. The latest dispute involves Pathik Patel, the founder of the nutritional food brand Fit & Flex. Patel alleges that Sony Entertainment Television unfairly targeted his company for trademark violations, leading to the suspension of their ad account.

Pathik Patel, the founder of the nutritional food brand Fit & Flex, has accused Sony Entertainment Television of unfairly targeting his company.

According to Patel, the channel suspended Fit & Flex’s ad account without proper cause. In a LinkedIn post, Patel expressed his frustration, stating, “Feels really sad to see this, but wasn’t left with a choice either!” Fit & Flex had recently been featured on ‘Shark Tank India,’ a dream come true for Patel. However, what followed turned into a nightmare.

Patel said the trouble began after Fit & Flex was featured on the show. Despite the joy of national television exposure, their happiness was short-lived. Sony allegedly struck their social media posts containing clips from the “Shark Tank” episode and blocked their ad account. The company’s Facebook page was unpublished, and collaboration features were disabled. Fit & Flex had aired in the episode, which they could use for marketing purposes for three months, but their content was pulled down within just 25 days

Efforts to resolve the issue with both Meta and Sony have been unsuccessful. Patel expressed frustration, stating, “Not only me but more than 70 plus brands are facing these challenges.” The Shark Tank experience, meant to bring growth, instead caused a significant loss in business for Fit & Flex, rendering it inactive for nearly 50 days.

Frustration of Loss

The controversy highlights the importance of fair treatment and adherence to trademark guidelines. As the legal battle unfolds, “Shark Tank India” faces scrutiny over its handling of trademark issues and the impact on entrepreneurs like Patel.

Despite efforts to resolve the issue, Fit & Flex received no resolution.

Patel wrote to both Meta and Sony daily, seeking a solution, but received no response.

While ‘Shark Tank India’ promised growth, the experience resulted in a significant loss for Fit & Flex—almost 10-12 times their usual business.

The legal notice sent by Fit & Flex’s founder highlights the need for fair treatment and transparency in trademark-related matters. As ‘Shark Tank India’ continues to grapple with controversies, it remains to be seen how this legal battle unfolds.

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